The poppies in my garden are tall, majestic and brilliant red.
They stand out from all the other flowers in the bed.

As we look at them resplendent and the colour brilliant red, we remember those who fought and died so that we could sleep soundly in our beds.

Some soldiers have been forgotten, some were never found but the poppy stands tall to remind us of their sacrifice so profound.


Marilyn Mackenzie


Holidays – The Colours Of Summer

As I look from my window on this lovely summer’s day,

I spy the mountains and rolling hills and clouds behind so grey.

In the picture too a lake of vivid blue and trees of every shade of green and sail boats come into view.

I see houses, large and small and a castle with a tower and a church with a spire where the clock strikes on the hour.

Such peace and tranquility I see in front of me and a rainbow of colour, there for all to see.

If only I could use a brush and paint just what I see, but just for now I feel content with the view in front of me


Marilyn Mackenzie