A Year Gone By….

Time flies doesn’t it? I cannot believe that a year has passed since I joined WordPress in a rather timid and uncertain fashion. Time spent working out how the technological side of things worked. Deliberating over whether to “take the plunge” and share what I had written.

Initially I only put pen to paper as a form of ‘therapy’ in order to offload and make sense of my thoughts during a time of challenge. Writing was a way for me to express how I was feeling at the time. I also intentionally used it as a way to dive deeper into God’s word and come closer to Him. I am surprised that I have written as much as I have but also wish I had written so much more. Life in the early part of the year prevented any writing at all, much to my frustration!

As I now move into a new year full of possibilities with WordPress and a new chapter of my life with work, I can finally put finger to keyboard more regularly. There is so much more I want to write and so many ideas I want to explore.

I’m so glad I committed to writing my ‘Woman, who art thou series?’ as an act of obedience and I hope that it has been enjoyed by those who’ve read it and that it has been a blessing. A few more blogs to go before it is finished and I have a few ideas to develop it too.

Last, but my no means least, I must say ‘Thank you’ to my followers (126 so far) who have regularly read and commented on my blogs, those of you who have encouraged and challenged me. Thank you !! I find it so interesting to see where in the world my readers live. It’s wonderful to know that readers live across the world in far away places – so exciting!

My pledge this year, now that I have more time is to commit to reading more of your blogs and to engage more via comments and encouragement.

Here’s to another year! Can’t wait!


Ali @ Humble Mumblings xx


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